Software Scopes & Discovery.

We have skills and knowledge in building custom web applications. Share your thoughts with us, and we will map out the strategic plan with the individual approach.
Envision Business model and its goals
Know your audience
Define Budget
Clarify needs and wants
Project planning cycle
Practical Solutions
Detailed Roadmap
Give us a challenge
and we’ll show you what
we’re made of.
How do we start the process:

It is important to focus on anything that requires well-considered opinions and attention to details. Whether it takes practical solutions or streamlining the project, we are open to listen carefully and share our experience to come up with the optimal way that will satisfy your taste and possibilities.

The outcome of such process will be the following:

  • The end product detailed description
  • Domain research and its benefit
  • Technical side description: framework, software, implementation, etc
  • Deployment and Hosting Recommendation
  • Testing and Integration
  • Business Rules and Limitations
  • Phases of Development process to follow
  • Security Solutions for Environment
  • Analytical Suggestions for Features and its implementation
  • Maintenance Packages for ongoing consideration

Once all of the above discussed and approved by you, we would be able to prioritize and estimate the scope of work and provide you with the accurate pricing and timeline.

We’ve built every type of software from quick and easy plugins to complex integrations. At ukietech, we look forward to a challenge! Learn more about our Custom Software capabilities.

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