How to Create Split Screen Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro


Today I am going to tell you how “multiple screens” effect can be achieved.

The easiest way is to use the CROP effect.

CROP effect|AdobePremierStudioTutorialByUkietech

I am going to split the video into three parts. That’s why I copy my video into three tracks to be able then to split it into three parts.

create three tracks|AdobePremierVideoTutorialByUkietech

Go to the panel Effects---> Video Effects---->Transform---> Crop.

crop effect in Adobe Premier|VideoTutorialByUkietech

Apply this plugin on all 3 video tracks.

use crop effect on all tracks|AdobePremierVideoTutorialByUkietech

Select the percentage of how the video has to be cropped (on each track).

percentage of crop effect|AdobePremierVideoTutorialByUkietech

We have succeeded. Our video is divided into 3 parts!

video divided into parts|AdobePremierVideoTutorialByUkietech

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