Blunt Solution Makes Revolution


"Green screen" video tool

Hello, my name is Julia.

This is my first blogging experience, so better don't expect anything extraordinarily philosophical or extremely spectacular :). Nevertheless I’ll try to draw your attention with one simple and, at the same time, brilliant and revolutionary thing.

Usually every brilliant and revolutionary thing is very simple or based on "blunt" ideas. Among such things are alternating current, electricity, radio waves, social networks, antibiotics.

Another example. If to take a look at Apple products, it’s easy to see that the simplicity of solutions in each element of their products is the reason why Apple products stand out. Well, maybe some marketing too;). But the point is that these things have changed our lives and became an important part of it.

Now I’ll tell you about the idea that changed and even revolutionized contemporary movie industry. "Star wars", "Matrix", "Avatar" and all others modern movies wouldn't get along without it. "Is it computer graphics?" you might ask. Pretty close. But the thing that made computer graphics possible was just a simple piece of one-colored (mostly green) cloth.

"Chroma key" or "Green screen"/"Blue screen" is a technique for composing (layering) two or more image or video streams together based on color hues (chroma range). The technique has been heavily used in many fields to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video, particularly the news casting, motion picture and videogame industries. A color range in the top layer is made transparent, revealing another image behind.

Chroma keying can be done with backgrounds of any color that are uniform and distinct, but green and blue backgrounds are more commonly used because they differ most distinctly in hue from most human skin colors. No part of the subject being filmed or photographed may duplicate the color used in the background.

"Green screen" idea helps to save money during shooting as there is no need in using expensive decorations as well as waiting for favorable weather. The background can be added later. "Chroma key" technique is so blunt and simple that you can easily practice it at home.

Have a look at a simple video-example. It’ll take less than 10 minutes to make it:).

Thanks for your attention!