Time-Lapse. The Things You Need to Know


Today there are a lot of RAW format. For Full HD-Video the minimal expansion 720x480 is enough. 

4. Don't change the white balance settings while shooting, because if you'll put Avto WB and will shoot in .jpg format - then you're just wasting your time and you'll have to throw all your work away (quality will be awful).

5. Don't forget to keep everything in order! When taking a new Time-Lapse photo, create a new folder on the camera, so you'll never mix them up with other shots.

6. The shooting requires a stable tripod.

7. Do not put a high value of ISO, because it'll make the noise in your image more noticeable.

8. For framing you can use LiveView.

9. To save the energy, you can turn off the frame show after shooting.

10. Be sure to check all settings before shooting, such as: manual mode, ISO, white balance, RAW, file storage, battery power and the amount of free space on the memory card.

Relax and enjoy while shooting your video :)

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