7 Top Reasons Why They Leave Your Website


I’ve seen a lot of different website across the spectrum. Some website designs are highly stylized, really complicated, expensive & chic and then there are those simple, template-designed sites those that they call “a $100 student’s job”, user-friendly and “user-deadly” and hopelessly outdated. After viewing and visiting both good and bad website here are several of the most common mistakes that make users leave your website during first 30 seconds.

Now, let’s see what main reasons why potential customers leave your website.

Too old and too ugly
Basic and template-designed Websites aligned to the left, with tiny letters, ancient fonts (like Comic Sans that already works for a popular designers’ joke) are a dime a dozen. Generally these websites look as if they used a pre-made template or took a day to design. This should never be the case considering how far we have come with modern web design and development techniques.

Complicated navigation
The biggest problems we see with navigation are: the menu bar doesn’t help to navigate easily, pictures are not clickable and the website map is simply absent, which is crucial, if your website has a complicated structure or the content structure is a mess.

No online order or unclear buttons
Each website has a purpose: to engage, to inform, to sell. Every websites goal is to convert website visitors into customers and this won’t happen if your website doesn’t lead them to the buy now button. There were enough great cases showing how re-naming one button resulted in millions of dollars in sales. Remember that online order is starting to replace brick and mortar sales.

No contacts
It’s difficult to believe, but there are plenty of websites, where you won’t find any contact information for its company! No phone numbers, no address, no general quick contact form! HELP!!!

Too many ads and pop-ups
I can’t get one thing: why overwhelming a website with ads, annoying un-informative pop-ups and other rubbish? Do they really think the visitors enjoy these?

Registration requirement
Unless your website is a social network or you have unique content to share, you shouldn’t force visitors to register. Freewill “Subscribe” option is the latest trend. Registration is from Stone Age. Period.

Slow loading
Slow loading is disrespectful for your visitors who willingly came to your website and are eager to get some information about your business and company. So please, make sure it doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to load, otherwise you will lose your potential customer.

Indeed, there are always some simple and easy marketing rules and principles that all of us should follow for good design. And there are things we recommend that you do not practice such as the aforementioned design issues. Remember, you goal is to take your website visitors and turn them into customers ;).

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