How to build a loyal audience


So, you want to know how to build a loyal audience? Well, let’s brood over a little.

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Did you ever notice, as a company trying to sell products, we always point at our services, ‘how we do it’, ‘what we suggest’, ‘why you should pick us’, but too little we communicate on what people really ask and want to know. However, it is crucial to hear what your audience is trying to tell you, as each experience is valuable, each opinion is important. If you want to be a good seller, learn to listen and be ready to assist whenever there's a need. Your customers, prospects, email subscribers, social media followers are all looking for recognition. When you give your attention to somebody, they become a fan for life, or at least they remember you and your interest, and so they remember your product or your service.

A simple example with a coffee. I used to buy my drink each morning at a coffee house called A. It was an ordinary procedure and I had my coffee to go, and that’s all. And recently, a new coffee shop B was opened a few blocks further. It’s not on my way, but I was curious to check out a new place. And guess what, the service was amazing - they gave me a named cup, with a piece of chocolate and wished me a great day. And it continued day by day. So, the conclusion is - the way you serve your product and the way you communicate with your customer means a lot. What would you choose, just a coffee or a coffee with a little of attention to your modest person?

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If you continued reading, you have chosen the second way. So, If you don’t know how to start or which direction to move in, here are few tips and tricks on How to stand out and begin gaining loyalty of your audience:

1. Focus on content

You have to share content that no one did before. It may be a blog on some lately burning issues telling your own story, but make sure it is differs from all the rest writings. Nobody likes copycats. Be unique. There is a statistics that 96% of people get back to your writing stuff, if the content is qualitative. Produce content that solves your readers’ problems, that helps them with their issues. Also, as I already mentioned, be a storyteller. Because stories are memorable, 68% of people prefer to read blogs, if they include a story in it; or a post with experience reference.

2. Demonstrate credibility

This point starts with a professional website, as poor design won’t impress anybody anymore. I’m not even mentioning the separate domain name, hope you do understand how important it is. So, don’t look as an amateur. No one will remember your website, and will hardly ever get... Also, your logo must be unique and it would be great to have a catchy slogan. Use pictures only of high resolution, don’t be a cheap. Put some thought into your images. Get a sign of trust, badges or approvals that increase your credibility. Share your social pages. People must see that you are open and ready to communicate to communicate through the channels that are most comfortable for them.

3. Be worthy of trust

To build trust, you have to let people know you’re sincere with them. Don’t focus on yourself. Instead of repeating they need something, that you decided long ago, ask what your customers exactly need. Social media channels provide a great opportunity to build trust. Be unobtrusive. Try to be interesting for people. To achieve this, be passionate about what you are doing. If you don’t believe in your “kid”, in your product or service, who should then? Ask questions. Answer queries. Be grateful. Another important point is to show people of flesh and blood, the same as your customers. Do not omit personal emails, they still remain to be very personal and intimate.

And a little tip: take care of grammar and avoid mistakes, as it can discredit your brand pretty much.

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Summing up all above in 3 statements:

  • Be credible and helpful
  • Exceed expectations
  • Show that you care

These are three main rules you ought to stick to if you want to have an audience who trusts you. If you know any other ways of conquering your audience, don’t be shy to share them in comments.