Blogging is Essential for Your Marketing Strategy Success


Only 3 simple reasons to add "Blog" page to your website

Do you have a website? Own or site of the company you are working at? Is there a “Blog” page out there? – No??? Don`t you see the slightest reason to have it? Then according to my evil plan, this article, should make you change your mind. (evil grill)

This post will be also useful to those who do have blog already but not as a separate page on the very website but uses other resources like Wordpress.

*Numbers: Since we added blog page to our own website average time of the visit on the site has doubled in just 2 months.There are many reasons why you should develop a blog page for your website. I am going to describe three very basic reasons below.

Reason number 1 "Reputation"

By making regular posts to your blog, you are letting your blog readers and clients know you are an expert in your field and industry. Building a reputation in your industry is crucial to your success. By informing and educating your readers, they will gain their confidence in your expertise and they will want to do business with you and feel comfortable about referring business to you. Blogs are also a great way to let new website visitors learn more about you, your company and your products and services. Blogs are also a great way to show why you are different and unique from your competition. Blogs are the perfect place to write professional articles, press releases, answers to FAQs, give advice, as well as, communicate the latest news. For maximum and optimum impact, blogs should be written every day or on a regular basis. What are you waiting for? Start building your reputation and start your blog today.

Reason number 2 "SEO"

Regular updating of your “Blog” page helps to keep your site with fresh and original content, which is advantageous for search engine optimization. By posting new information and material on a regular basis, this give your clients and website traffic a reason to come to your site every day, increase your visibility to clients and clicks to your site. The more clicks and traffic to your site, the more visible you will be to search engines. In short, if you are constantly writing new and original articles, promoting the links to your site, the increased clicks will lift your visibility in search results and bring more traffic to the site. Blogs are of vital importance for websites, content-wise where photos and images seem to prevail over text.

Reason number 3 "Marketing"

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. Simply, blogs are a great way to promote your product and services and their features and benefits. Blogs bring the attention to your current product and services, as well as, a great springboard to launch new products. If you use your blog to inform and education your readers in a professional manner, eventually you will attract more and more readers and build a subscribers database which can turn into customers and lead to sales. And, woo a la ... Marketing strategy has achieved its goals!

Finally ...

If you already have a blog, but it is not a part of your website or have a link to and external blog, please note that you are leading them away from your site which is never a good thing. Leading them away from your site may harm your website`s SEO by having direct links to other sites.

For those who still do not have Blog… good news: starting and managing a blog is very simple. If your site has a user-friendly administrative panel (CMS), you can make new posts on your own. Hurray!

Let your business prosper and your websites appear on the first page of search results.