Upgrade Yourself


1. Set goals

Setting goals is one of the most important principles whenever you are trying to accomplish anything. You should always know what you want and where you want to go. This should be clear. Once you know where you want to go, then you`ll define what you need to do in order to attain your goals.

2. Define priorities

Start by sorting, defining and prioritizing your tasks: which ones are most-important-and-urgent, important-but-can-wait, good-to-be-done-if-the-time permits, not important. But remember, always be true to your goals!

3. Make a plan

When you have set your goals and defined your priorities, it’s time to write it down! This is very important. Now it’s time to add deadlines to your TO-DO list. Many people use different ways, gadgets, mobile devices and apps to get organized and write down their plan. It is all up to you. I personally prefer traditional paper and a pen. The feeling you have when crossing off a completed task is awesome! Apart from that uncomfortable feeling when my piece of paper stares at me all day long and reminds me about my goals and priorities… You cannot switch off a piece of paper! Face it!

4. Value your time

Time is a finite and limited resource. No one has more than 24 hours in a day. To illustrate this point, I recommend estimating how much you are earning per minute by taking your monthly income and dividing it into days/hours/minutes. Keep that number in mind all the time and recall it next time you`ll be aimlessly scrolling through Facebook or Twitter instead of completing your task … Motivating, huh???

And, when you know how valuable your time is, try to be tolerant and appreciate the time of others. The higher-level the person the more costly or valuable their time is. Don’t waste the time of your colleagues or boss. Proceed to the case and solve it.

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5. Delegate

If there is something you can hand off or delegate allowing you to focus on your tasks then do it. It is best to concentrate on the tasks that that you speilize in or only you can do. Your business will never grow if you take on everything and don’t delegate.

6. Don`t procrastinate

Try to solve problems when they present themselves, answer questions and/or emails as quickly as possible especially when you have all the necessary information to do it. Do not let little things amass and crunch you.

7. Concentrate

When getting started to work on a task or project make sure your table is clear and mind is free from all other things that do not relate to the task at hand. Try not to lose focus.

8. Stick to the order

I recommend not moving to the next task or project before completing the current task or project. Let this be the golden rule of effectiveness. It may sound boring, I know, but it works.

9. Fight back your bugs

Eliminate distractions and time-consuming things that don’t relate to the task or project at hand. By this I mean, meaningless phone conversations, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Pinterest and other energy vampires. Forgive me marketing department…. but, I suggest you select a particular time for these and follow the rules.

10. Leave time for yourself

What good are the results if you do not have time to enjoy them? Allocate time for yourself. If it's Sunday and it is a Family Day then don’t cloud your mind with uncompleted work and corporate email checks. Reward yourself!

Would love to hear your own tips and tricks!

Yours truly