5 Rules Web Designer Can Safely Ignore


I often face the principles and rules needed to be followed to create a holistic and functional web design. But the rules exist to be broken, right ^_^ ?

In this post I’ll let you know about few of them and tell you what results you can achieve.

1. The website purpose should be initially clear

One of the inviolable web design rules says that after clicking the website link a user has to understand where he/her has got right away before reading the first text line. Ignoring this rule, we can focus on something else, like intriguing the visitor, awakening the natural curiosity by giving him/her a chance to explore each element of the website, playing with him/her.
Thus we can significantly increase the visitor’s time on the site, which is vitally important for website style.

If you dare to ignore the listed rules properly and carefully, you can achieve stunning results ^_^ !