How to get inspired for creating miracles?


Summing-up, self reflection and goal setting for upcoming 2013

"It's impossible" - said Reason.
"It's risky" - noticed Experience.
"It's pointless!" - said Pride.
"Give it a try ..." - whispered Dream.

New Year's Eve! The fairy tale for boys and girls of all ages is already knocking on the door! But, before it is time to ring in the New Year with a champagne toast, it’s time to reflect on all events and moments of the passing year and make a wish with bells chiming.

If you're lucky, your dreams will come true. But, what happens if they don’t? Well, that is where faith and hope come into play, because, all of us hope for the better and for positive changes in our lives. How can the New Year's magic become a part of your life?

First, you can stop waiting for it to be delivered to you on a silver platter or somehow magically leave this “job” up to Santa. Better yet, why not become a Magician of your own and create miracles for yourself and your loved ones.

For those who are eager in becoming a Magician, I have a simple recipe to help you find inspiration.

wishlist for upcoming year

Go to a quiet and comfortable place where you have time to think and be alone. No one should disturb you. Take a pen, a sheet of paper and write the answers on the following questions. Or, at least come up with five bullet points to each question:

• Think it over... what are you grateful for in your life today, right now.

• What makes you feel happy?

• What makes you smile, feel joy and what is fun for you to do?

• What do you like to do more than anything else in your life?

• What fills you with inspiration, energy and enthusiasm?

• What/Who gives you strength and self-confidence?

• What/Who can make you realize right now that your potential is enormous and unlimited?

• What’s special about you that the closest and dearest people in your life respect about you?

• What are the first 3 key steps you can do right now, so that those things that inspire you in 2013 will multiply in 2014.

If you finish with all the questions by finding at least 5 answers to each, you are awarded with the title of "The Magician of the first category." Now you know how to find inspiration and use it, in order to achieve the desired changes in the New Year.

Haven’t you written your letter to Santa yet ;)?

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