St. Valentine’s Day – Romance or Just Paid Advertising? (infographic)


Sarcastic Cupid is about to appear in the air soon. If you have a business, you need to be prepared, because the battle for your consumer’s heart will begin. Be sure you are creative and unique with your greeting cards, gifts, e-mails and social marketing media activities. 

There are lots of ideas on St. Valentine’s Day for marketing from changing your website logo into something pink and romantic to offering a contest on your social media networks, from e-mail marketing to offering discounts targeting couples. Most retailers and companies do something and we will discuss some cool marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day.

How to benefit from your marking campaign on St. Valentine’s Day?

One point is clear: it is worth it to run a promotion at Valentine’s Day. Take into account the following facts:

1. Men spend more than women at this occasion up to $150 while women spend about half as much;

2. Men and women shop separately at this occasion;

3. Around 40% of shops are on-line retails;

4. Consumers not only spend on their significant others, but also on pets, classmates, coworkers and parents.

What to do?

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