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Today, blogs are a very common form of communication. Many companies or individuals have blogs integrated into their websites or many have separate, stand-alone blogs for their audiences. Some blog users, utilize their blog something like a diary, where others write useful, educational and informational blogs targeting a specific market and demographic. Many bloggers like to share their own opinion on various problems, while sharing their own experience in solving these problems. But, as for me, the most popular is the educational and informational business type of blog. Companies or individuals use the blog platform to share their experiences, and solutions with their audiences and this is a great way to engage their clients and customers. But to achieve this goal, your blog has to say something that people want to hear and read. It means that blog must be useful, informational, educational, fun, and attractive. 

Many bloggers write on how to create a successful blog and this blog was written to appeal to all bloggers and I hope you find something useful or informational for your blogging needs. As for me, there are two simple rules that can make your blog successful. Below you will find them. These tips can also help your company to attract more clients and customers.

1) Choose the right idea or theme

One of the biggest questions regarding blogging is, where do I begin? My recommendation is to sit back, relax and think about what experiences or interesting events have happened to you lately, or maybe you have reached a goal or solved a problem that you would like to communicate to the blogosphere. Or, you may have just read something interesting and that information is valuable enough to spread the word. There are a lot of things and events that can make you want to tell the world. Just, don’t be afraid...

After deciding on the idea/theme, ask yourself a couple several questions:

- Is this idea interesting to me? Does the idea fascinate me? The more passionate you are about the idea, the more this passion will come across to the audience.

- Is the idea interesting to others, my audience? This idea must appeal to others and be timely or current.

- Is this idea useful to your readers? Is it something that can really help them.

And last, but not least, make sure you really love what you do!

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2) Communicate Effectively

After deciding on your idea, you need to communicate effectively.

At first, you need to analyze your audience and target market and write accordingly to that audience. Be clear and concise with your message and communications. Try to compose short articles, too much information will lose readers.

Treat your readers as you want them treat you. Put yourself at their shoes. It is better to write something simple.

Be creative and original. Try to write about your own achievements and knowledge, write about something interesting and creative that helps you to solve some real problems.

Write as often as you can, even every day, Don’t be afraid! Just write.

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