What You Should Remember About Content Marketing Strategies


Marketers call it content. Users call it information, which turns out to be probably closer to the truth. 

The truth is that it is all information, which can be interesting or not very interesting, needed or unnecessary, useful or useless, in the users’ perspective. But it’s the information you deliver on your website or Facebook page that defines, whether a user will show interest towards your product/service or will close the browser tab. 

So, today we are going to talk about information/content delivering strategies via social networks. 

Content personifies users

Information shared by users makes them look more interesting, important or promoted enough in the eyes of his or her friends. Now it’s what’s the person says, reads or shares, creates a kind of his or her self-expression, image and reputation. It’s just a common way to build up a personal brand in the eyes of our online audience, which tends to be important and quite typical in today’s online environment.

Remember the famous “Speak, and I’ll see who you are”? I’d put it this way: “Show me what you and your friends are talking about and sharing, so that I can see who you are and what you’re keen of”. 

That is why in social networks the content is a significant reason to attract you to a person, company or page and to ignore the others. 

Content is also a kind of product. And if you are producing this product, you must make it a high-quality one, especially when it comes to information. Exactly, you either “differentiate or die”:). The same with brands. In social networks, brands are initially recognized, remembered and rewarded with audience’s attention or loyalty by what they say, and only after that by what the sell. That’s why you need to craft some content strategy before presenting your product on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other social networks.

When speaking about the content strategy in social networks, it is important to define its main functions:
- inform
- educate
- inspire
- entertain


Users want to keep abreast of the latest news, trends and hot topics, etc. The task is to help them by offering relevant and interesting information.


Different “how-to” and life articles/stories always work. As well as sharing your own experience, if you are a web development company, or revealing some cooking tips and tricks, if you are a pastry shop.

Educating content Ukietech blog


Motivational and inspirational photos, life stories are a good tool. If it doesn’t quite work with your business, try a popular tool called co-creation. Engage users to create something with you or for you.
E.g., if you are producing clothes, design a competition for the best sketch. Encourage users to post their design options and reward the best one.
People like to be involved in the creating process, especially if it’s made public.

Inspiring content Ukietech blog


Fun is always good. Funny photos, images and quotes are the most shared content via social networks. Look for your own ways to entertain your audience, and try to find out what they prefer.

Entertaining content Ukietech blog

To make your product become valued and recognized by social network users, make the information you share and deliver be worthy of reading. I like that good statement saying “If you have nothing worthy to say, better say nothing”

So keep searching and researching. Keep discovering your audience, and you’ll end up with a good content performance.

The next time we’ll reveal several strategies, based on our own experience.

by Lilia Kolesnyk

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