10 Methods to Be a Radical Web-Designer


Is it possible to create radically new designs every time? A couple of tips to activate your creativity and keep it alive

Everything that is new and creative is actually old, but well forgotten. For example, Flash technology was positioned from the point of view of vector graphics, and now Flash technology is labeled as outdated and was replaced by graphics are on trend and they descended from Flash-animated objects.

designers tips

Do not throw away old layouts or those that were not approved by the client, just give them a fresh look, change the structure or try to imply new colors.

It will save your time and give you an opportunity to concentrate more on details. When you have some spare time try to make free theme layouts, thus creating your own base.

Ukietech tips for designers

Combine uncombined thingsfor an example the combination of half-tone photography with vector graphics. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Make unique design and avoid style imitation.

Create your own trends and new views on layout adjustments and specifications from the client.

tips on graphics

Do not be fixed on graphics – navigation and content presentation are of crucial importance.

unique design tips

An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. It’s better to get up earlier and create design with the clear head than torturing yourself late at night. Forget about energizers – they ruin brain and harm your health.

methods for designers

Alter your working space, relocate your work table 2-3 times a year, make breaks and eye trainings, or just get a little walk on fresh air, blow the cobwebs away and think about nothing.

Tips on website design

Take photos of interesting decisions or write down different ideas and sketches in your sketch-book – it’s better to improve something rather than reinvent the wheel.

website design advice

Keep yourself in a loop on opponents work. Do not work alone, draw your friends support and do not be ashamed of showing them your projects. 

tips on unique website design

Do not scrimp on vacation and equipment necessary for your work.

advice for designers

Drink more fluid and eat more chocolate, it will help keep your mind working and generating more interesting ideas.

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