Storytelling in Web


Main Points of Scenario

Pitch is a starting point. It is a short idea intro whether you’re making film or just a simple story.

As an example:

Roman general that got betrayed by the evil prince and lost all his family due to cruelness of the last one, coming back to Rome as a gladiator for revenge.Young lady and gentlemen with the different social background falling in love with each other at the ship that not meant to arrive successfully.Computer virus spreaded vigorously and wants to destroy humanity.

Conflict: The young rebel coming from the future to kill the evil at its core.

Logline - short description of a main hero, what his aiming for, what obstacles he should overcome and what is the purpose of his character, the conflict by itself.

As an example:

John Connor - teenager, that balancing on the edge got adopted by a family, skipping school classes and having a good knowledge in computer science. He has some kind of materials that his biological mother (Sarah Connor) gave it to him while staying in rehab saying that the world will end up by attack because of computer virus spread. John’s goal is to meet the terminator-machine and the main line is to survive in the upcoming battle.

Conflict: war of machines vs humanity

Monster in the house - Monster, house, sin. Aliens, Jaws, I Know What You Did Last Summer
Golden Fleece - Road, Team, Prize. Star Wars, Back to the Future, Finding Nemo
Magical Lamp - Desire, Implementation, Lesson. Bruce Almighty, Aladdin, The Mask
A man with the problem - Innocent character, fight to the death. Die Hard, Born Identification, Apollo 13
Ritual (Big turnaround) - Lifetime problem, wrong path or decision. Lost in Translation, Trainspotting, American Pie,
Relationship - Inadequate hero, his/her spouse, confusion. Lethal Weapon, Titanic, Breakbone Mountain
Why do this? - Detective. Secret. Dark mystery. Black Orchid, Minority Report, Blade Runner
Triumph of a Fool - Silly hero, department, transformation. Forest Gamp, Tutsi, Legally Blonde.
Institutionalized - Group of people, choice, victim. Top gun, Godfather, Devil wears Prada.
Super Hero - Special abilities. Revenge. Curse. The Lion King. Matrix. Gladiator. Captain America.

Deliver information to the end user.
Visual - What we see is what we digest.
Sound - What we hear is what we accept as emotions through our feelings

1.Videomotion - Expensive but Productive
Product - Branding Women Lingerie

2.Graphic - Time Consuming but Productive
Digital Product - Service for web-design Webflow

1.Videomotion - Storytelling

Main Hero
Young Woman - Selenza
Main Points
Confidence and Sensuality
Doubts, self-neglection, stress
Main Conflict
Fight between two egos, where's one is ia passion and stay with object of affection and the other one - stay as strong and independent individual

Main Hero
Alda Company - media provider that deliver Promotion and Global Events Planning
Main Points
Organization and Planning of a high-end events with the pop and rock stars involvement. Uniting people with the same interests
Big crowd, security and safety
How to get through the event without screwing anything  

2.Graphic/Text Storytelling