How to leverage your marketing on Doomsday 2012


What will you be doing for this “Epic Event”?

Holidays, events and special occasions are a great time to leverage and promote your products and services. Some of these holidays and events are serious, sacred and religious like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and some are fun and frivolous like Halloween, Valentines Day, 4th of July and yes, I am gonna say it Doomsday 2012 as a fun time to promote your products and services.

Why not have fun and leverage this event or day to have some fun and connect with past, current and potential clients?

What is Doomsday 2012?

Many believe that there is widespread and unnecessary fear of Doomsday on December 21, 2012. Some people worry about a Maya prophesy of the end of the world, others fear a variety of astronomical threats such as collision with a rogue planet. Opinion polls suggest that one in ten Americans worry about whether they will survive past Dec 21 of this year, and middle-school teachers everywhere report that many of their students are fearful of a coming apocalypse.

Even though we are certain that the end of the world is not imminent, we are certain that you can take advantage of the hoopla and have fun with this event. So, let’s have some fun and think about how we can leverage this event in promoting and marketing your business in a fun and entertaining way.

Plan promotions for the day after Doomsday

Plan promotions for December 22nd, the day after Doomsday. Try organizing sales and discounts for everyone who survives Doomsday. It’s a fun and entertaining way to remind past, existing and prospective clients about your products or services. Don’t forget to have fun with this; don’t be too serious otherwise your activities could be construed as hokey. So, be creative and think how you can find the joy in surviving the event and giving back to your clients.

Create a fun theme or pop-up on your website

Some visitors do not like a lot of pop-up windows, but be tasteful for December 22nd… Remember it might be the end of the world. Utilizing pop-ups, once in a while, can be effective and don’t be afraid to show a sense of humor towards the great survival of earthlings. Obviously, this is the time most businesses leverage the holidays and Christmas for their promotions, so why not be unique and stick out from the competition by capitalizing on both events. Remember to add levity to your promotions and have fun with this.

Schedule a special Facebook message

Are you already using Facebook for scheduling timeline posts on your fan page? If not, it’s about time to use this great tool! Just drop a short message reminding everyone of the end of the world or a write a humorous sentimental confession or funny goodbye and pick a release time for it on, e.g. 20th of December. There are two ways this prank will play out. If the Doomsday really happens, your message would become a dramatic final posting on Facebook timeline... Or, if we survive, on December 22nd, you’ll get another chance to make fun of your farewell post and thus draw more attention to your fan page.

Write a “goodbye letter” to your clients/customers

This is a bold trick and is appropriate only in case you have a close relationship with your clients and they understand your levity and sense of humor. We wouldn’t recommend this for major corporations with millions of customers as we wouldn’t want another War of the Worlds scenario. This type of promotion works well for businesses that have a close, strong following and possess an excellent sense of humor. If this seems too risky for you, just write, as if incidentally, how much you appreciate them. Just let them know that even on this “special” day you remember them.

Throw an “End of the World” party

Whether you believe in Doomsday or not, think about throwing a party with your co-workers, colleagues and, if you are really motivated, with your clients and customers. It is impeccable timing for a team-building, really! This is a great time to reflect and watch company videos and reminisce looking at old company events and party photos, immerse yourselves in memories about your greatest and toughest days and how you survived those times. Also, just for fun, why not create a cool party favor like a message-in-a-bottle or a time capsule? Create a nice Doomsday keepsake, take some memorable photos or images and put them in a bottle such as a wine bottle. Volia a time capsule! How fun would this be?

Whatever happens, you always have a chance to make it epic:). So will we see you on the day after Doomsday? Who knows? But we are betting that we will!

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