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Video Monetization Guide

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So you have videos that receive lots of views… It’s time now to think how to turn your views into cash.

Here are a couple of ways to monetize your videos.

1. Advertisements

Advertisements are the most popular and simple method. Monetization, that is to say, revenue can be generated through advertising. The video content itself is free, but the creators make money by selling ads. Advertisements can be placed in different ways - before, during, or around the video experience.
If you are a YouTube Partner channel, you can make money by simply having your videos viewed.

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2. Pay-Per-View

Videos can be a revenue generator itself, and in this case, viewers pay in order to view your video. This applies to webinars, movies, music videos etc. It is pretty similar to selling videos in physical form like DVD.

3. Sponsorships

Sponsorship means an advertiser receives special mention for helping to make the video happen. This generally takes place toward the beginning of a video. Entertainment videos may often be monetized through the sale of merchandise related to the video. This might mean anything from t-shirts to mouse pads, and creators are getting more creative all the time.

4. Merchandise

Videos may often be monetized through the sale of any merchandise related to the video. This pertains mostly to entertainment videos. The very merchandise might be anything from t-shirts to mouse pads depending on the creators imagination.

5. Hybrid Method

This method is also called the “freemium model”. In this method, some video content is free, but the rest and very best stuff is reserved for paying members.

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6. Licensing

You can also monetize your video through licensing. For example, if your videos are good or popular enough, others might be willing to pay to use them as opposed to creating their own from the ground up.
So, these are some of the methods of video monetization. Now, turn your videos into a cash machine and generate some revenue from these methods. The main thing is to have and promote your brand, products and services!

… and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We are here to assist you, and to help your business prosper ;)!

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