7 Tips for Beginning Developers


1) Try to avoid too many DOM manipulations

By avoiding DOM manipulations, you will greatly improve your code’s performance.


Here’s the quick way:

Here’s the slow way:

This example demonstrates that the DOM is modified only once, instead of 50 times.

2) Better binding actions with functions

Here’s a code example:

Quick way:

Slow way:

The quick method is much better for performance, as the action is bonded to only one element instead of 3.

3) Use short form of declaration variables


Better way:

This will improve the readability of your code for you and other developers.

4) Use a ternary operator when it’s more appropriate


Better user ternary operator in this case:

Now you have 2 lines of code instead of 16.

5) Avoid deep "if" statements


Here is a better way of representing this function: 

This method is much more readable and easier to understand.

6) Keep jQuery objects in variables


Better way:

This will save one DOM manipulation and improve the readability of your code

7) Don't overuse with variables


Better way:

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