Animation Issues. West Town SSA New Website


When developing a new website for DOM is loaded, in other words under $(document).load(), but sometimes this may not work. So the second way, which I’ve chose, is a more simple solution. It involves displaying hidden text, which initializes the non-standard font, on the main page. Thereafter, the browser can correctly measure the height of the content along with its blocks.

The further difficulties we found were with the custom scrolling. Since the content is uploaded with the help of AJAX, browsers are not always able to define the content’s height correctly. To eliminate this problem, the scroll function has to be initialized only after DOM is loaded.

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This project can be evaluated from two sides. If assessing layout, one can mark B+ due to positioning of site’s elements and availability of many successive animation effects. If assessing programming, one can mark B+ as well :). The main challenge was to develop website without problems connected with reloading, whereby the content is uploaded through AJAX technology.

For solving tasks, I used the following technologies:
for programming: PHP 5.3.8, MySQL 5.5, AJAX.
for layout: PHP 5.3.8, MySQL 5.5, AJAX, for photo-album: Fancybox 2.06.25, and for custom scrolling: jScrollPane

So in conclusion, I can say that this project was really educational both in terms of self-development and learning new methods of building dynamic websites.