10 Stunning Free Photo Websites for Your Image Needs

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I bet you often need good high quality images for your website or blog or social media accounts. But photography is not your strong side, so you search for images with Google. But did you know that when you do a Google Images search, the results are not so free for instant use. Mostly they are under copyrights from their photographers or owners. Nevertheless, you may try to use Search tools and look up for images labeled for reuse. But I don't think you're going to be satisfied with the results, believe me).

Well, copyright is really important, but I don't really want to go to jail because of one or two images in my blog post, I think neither do you. But good photographers were born and they have a solution for people like us. If you want to keep yourself out of copyright trouble, here are photo stock websites that define their copyright license. For all of the sites given below – that license is generally pretty easy to find on the website.

Usually there are two types of licence. The one is Creative Commons Zero – means you are able to use photos without any permission in the way you want. And the other one is Creative Commons with Attribution – means that you can also use photo in the way you want, but you need to mention the authors name. For example "Photo by Angry Beaver" and link it to their website (sure if they have one). 

That is the way how you ain't going to be imprisoned for using someone else's high quality images for your needs. Hooray!

So, 10 stunning photo stock websites for you:

UNSPLASH - amazing photos on the web site where you can search images or subscribe to receive 10 new every 10 days.

PIXABAY - great resource with thousands of images. What I like the most is that you can search everything by categories.

FREE IMAGES - a UK based website, with a really nice collection of images from around the world.

PICJUMBO - totally free photos for personal and commercial use, high resolution and really catchy.

GRATISOGRAPHY - beautiful website with amazing photos, just download and use them.

PEXELS - 10 new high quality images every day, easy navigation and really big library.

STOCK SNAP -  free from copyright restrictions with hundreds of new images added weekly.

SNAPWIRE SNAPS - 7 free beautiful photos every 7 days from 200,000 of the world's most talented photographers.

- this one is quite different from others, as here you will find vintage photos from the publick archives.

GETREFE - no categories, just beautiful, natural images taken by traveling photographers.

Enjoy these amazing free photo stocks. If you know of any other and want to share, then welcome into comments section;)