Seven Tips to Becoming a Better Fashion Photographer

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If you enjoy photography and art, have a good sense of style, and enjoy fashion then you might like to become a fashion photographer. 

Education Requirements to Become a Fashion Photographer?

Many people believe you need to go to a fine art school to become a fashion photographer. This simply isn't the case. The majority of fashion photographers are self-taught. It's never too early or too late to start your training.

To become a fashion photographer, you will need to gain photographic skills and techniques. A great place to find this is the internet. There are thousands of articles and videos on the subject of photography and there are also plenty of magazines and books dedicated to the subject. The key to becoming a great photographer is plenty of practice.

You can complete a course in photography at community college. You could also choose to complete a photography degree at a four year college. Concentrate on developing a strong portfolio, as this will be important in securing a job later.

You'll also need to know about fashion. Again, the best way to learn is to teach yourself. Read fashion magazines like Vogue, and learn about industry events through the many blogs and websites dedicated to the subject. If you follow your favorite designers and models, you'll learn plenty along the way.

7 Tips:
1. Training & Experience

It is best, if you have a clear idea of what you are looking to accomplish with the fashion shoot and have a plan for lighting, makeup, hairstyle, style, setting, etc.)

2. Your imagination

While working in fashion, you will need to exercise your imagination and be different. Of course, we all learn from our predecessors, but generally in fashion, following the heard doesn’t help you get noticed.

3. Move around

Influence the fashion shoot by moving around and exploring all the angles. You may have to crouch down, get on a ladder, move in very close or shoot from afar from your subject, etc.....

4. Be the director

Do not lose your vision even through the model may know what to do. Be confident and direct your subject with self-assurance.

5. Follow your internal voice and sense of style

"Rules are designed to be broken." You won’t get every shot and everything won’t be perfect. Change and break the rules, and see what happens as a result.

6. Do not stop

As soon as you stop shooting, you will start to be lazy. The more shots you take the better your chances of catching that serendipitous moment.

7. Be confident in yourself

Have fun and follow your instincts. You will make mistakes along the way, but the key is to learn from them and learn and improve with every fashion shoot.

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