How To Add Subtitles To Your Video!

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Sometimes to make your video more popular with the target audience you need to make it bilingual. If there’s no chance to make it during filming, subtitles come in very handy.
Once you are through with editing, it’s the right time to start with subtitles.
“Deciphering” and translating the material is a subject for another conversation. So let’s take a situation when you already have the translation of the text.
Follow these 7 steps and you will find adding subtitles is an easy process not requiring special skills: 

1. You have to save the text in .txt format. Then you download and install SubtitleEdit program This software is totally free.

2. Next step – import text (File – Import plain text).

Adding subs to video, SubtitleEdit, program for adding subtitles

In new dialog box in section “Splitting” choose “one line is one subtitle”.

Add subtitles, subs, import subtitles, Subtitle editor, one line is one subtitle

3. In the field with the downloaded text split the text into separate lines using “Enter” buttons.

how to add subs, editing subs, arrange subs, placing subtitles

modify subtitles, attach subtitles to video, place subs

4. In “Preview” window you can see if the size of your line matches the size of the respective subtitle. If it doesn’t, the text will be highlighted in red. Once all the lines have the same size, click “OK” at the bottom of the window.

match subtitles with text, adding subs, arrange subs into lines

5. Open your video. (Video – Open video file).

Video with subtitles, make subtitles appear, insert subs into video

In “Preview” window choose the exact time when the first subtitle has to appear. Set the start time for your subtitle line using F11 button.

adding subs, set start time for subtitles, start subtitle

6. Click “Play” to review the video until the first subtitle line is over. Click “Pause” and F12 button in order to set the end time of the first subtitle line.

Stop subtitles, sub finish, how to stop subtitle line

Do the same with all the lines.

7. Once you’ve arranged all the subtitle lines, save the file.

insert subtitles, adding subs to video, saving subtitles, save file with subtitles

Select .srt format for the file to be saved in. It will be given by default.

Done! Your subtitles are ready.

In case you need to save your video and subtitles in one file (attach subtitles to the video) you can use various video converters. For instance, a totally free of charge AnyVideoConverter

After opening the video file in AnyVideoConverter

Make subtitles in video converter, adding subs through video converter, AnyVideoConverter

...and choosing a format the file will be saved in,

Converter for subs, editing subtitles

select “Add Subtitle” option

AnyVideoConverter for subs, attach subs to a video file

and indicate the link to .srt file with your subtitles.

Click “Convert Now” button and wait until converting is successfully finished.

Converter for subtitles, add subs

Give it a try and you will see that adding subtitles to your video is as simple as it seems.