7 Tips on How to Prepare Yourself for New Opportunities at the Beginning of the Year


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Year 2016 is almost here! And what is the best thing to do when the New Year is coming? Right – it’s just the perfect time to sit down, relax and watch your goals being achieved. You have a great opportunity to analyze the steps that have been taken so far, as well as explore what to do next.

Here there are a couple of tips that may help you make this process most effective.

1) Take a cup of tea or coffee, your notebook, or just a piece of paper and a pen. Take your time – haste makes waste. Think of your achievements from 2015 that you are most proud of, and then try to write them down. Firstly, that will help you realize what your strong sides are, and, secondly, you will set a good mood from the very start ;-)

2) Now it’s time to think of less pleasant things – what were the things we failed at during the year that passed? What were we planning to achieve in our business but did not manage to? Again, put everything on the list. Yeah, it may be unpleasant. But this step is vital for determining your actual needs. Do not think of the reasons or preconditions for your failures yet, just put down exactly what comes to your mind.

3) Let’s put the two lists aside and forget about them for a day or two. Do you know why? The reason is quite simple. The next day you will be able to perceive what you have written as if you were an impartial observer. With the clear understanding of the situation, you will find the solution right on the surface even if you have not noticed it before.

4) Now it’s time to think of your future goals. Again, try not to analyze – just put down your bravest expectations for 2016. It does not matter if they are realistic or not. Writing them down is the first step towards making them real ;-)

5) The common mistake here is to think “Oh, I will never be able to get that contract”, or “Of course buying a new computer for my office is necessary but that is definitely too expensive”, etc. No doubt, you will have enough time to analyze that kind of stuff with all the pros and cons during the whole year! What we are trying to do now is just to clear the mess in our minds and outline our priorities.

6) Now let’s work with our List No3 – the goals we set for 2016. I’m sure you’ve already thought of how to achieve them. But our task here is to define 3 first steps for each of the goals and take them, even if they may seem minor or unimportant. The rest will come in the process! You know, the first step is the hardest one, but it is the most important one as well. Once you’ve taken it, the picture becomes clearer – you are on the way to your aims already!

7) And remember one more important thing. The list of our goals is not something we have to follow strictly! We were compiling them in order to arrange our thoughts and clear all the mess at the beginning of the year. It was done to define the direction to move, but not the final result. The life will bring the right circumstances, and with the clear mind, you are more likely to notice them and make the best use of them. Who knows, maybe the year 2016 will bring you more success than you’ve ever expected!

Happy New Year!