Why Your Ecommerce Website Is Losing Money (infographics)

When you’ve done that time-consuming work to design and develop an ecommerce website, you may think that you're all set and customers are going to detonate your sales. However, the straight goods about the average consumer journey on your online store may look frustrating.

A client found items he wants to purchase and even added them to the shopping cart. But as the saying goes: no check out - no earnings. If your customers don’t press “BUY” button, all your hard work is nothing.

An incredible 67.9 percent of shopping carts are left prior to checkout, as shown in the latest research by CWCS Managed Hosting. So why are almost two thirds of customers closing the checkout page?

Review the infographic below detailing all of the possible reasons and double check the importance of crafting a custom-build ecommerce website built by real experts in the field of web design.

                               Chicage web design studio

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