Holiday Spirit on Your Website


Holiday logo by ukitech Christmas and New Year season is a time we are looking forward all the yearlong to forget about everyday routine. Americans spend up to 600 million for Christmas presents and accessories every year, this total is just impressive. We like to see everything festive during this enchanting period, but business owners usually miss one important thing – their Websites.

Website usually represents companies’ goals, aims, directions and even its workers current mood. So forgetting to decorate your website for Christmas and New Year season is sometimes the same thing as saying “not now, I wanna sleep” lazily to your potential client’s request. Frequently companies’ owners suppose that these upgrades take a long time to implement them on your site or that it’s too costly for them. But your marketing team won’t agree with this point of view.

So how to bring up this Christmas flavor to your Website? Here we have some tips and tricks that will help you to refresh your site and amuse clients:

1 | Change your website color theme or logo

holiday website make-over by ukietech

Use the typical Christmas gamut to decorate the basis of your website Even if your resource uses flat or sullen colors don’t be afraid to use green and red or gold and silver colors. This palette perfectly matches our holiday mood; also these colors are associated by visitors with some kind of magic, Christmas charm. Avoid using more than 4 colors to prevent flashiness effect, color oversaturation, or better ask professionals to pick them :)

website redesign and makeover for Christmas

Don't forget about your logo!

2 | Enable some winter or holiday effects on your website

Christmas web design ukietech
It could be anything related to winter, Christmas or New Year. Even adding a simple snow effect could be a big fun for your users. But you don’t have to limit with one effect, feel free to add one more or even two more effects like dancing Santa, New Year Tree or animated greetings. Still remember, that more than three animations or some excessive animations could overload users’ browser, so we recommend you to limit their amount with 3 temperate animated effects. 

Other recommendation will be not to attach music effects, such as Christmas Carrols. If users want to enjoy some Christmas spirit tunes to supplement the entire holiday picture they would prefer listening their own playlist. So don’t force customers to run off your site. 

Christmas and New Year web site redesign und upgrade Ukietech

3 | Change websites background image

Create or just use existing Christmas season related image to change the background of your website. You can use some pictures of holiday candles, garlands, Christmas trees or just snowy landscape. But remember that it has to be harmonic to entire website appearance. Don’t use sharp colored images or just ask your marketing team to pick the right one.

4 | Create free online holiday content


Create free online greeting card, greeting post or video, so users could share them with friends via social networks. These items could include picture of your team or just holiday felicitations. Ask your marketing team to design them in such way so these cards would remind users of your company or web resource. Remember to specify your company’s name!

5 | Update your social networks pages

Decorating your website for holidays you can forget about company’s social network pages. Don’t miss them! It could be such detail as New Year Hat on your company’s logo or some greeting post!

6 |Provide free greeting postcard or calendars delivery

Christmas post card ukietech

If your company is into e-commerce, free postcard or calendar could be a great opportunity to represent the quality and time of your product delivery to your customers with something entertaining. Plus, if your client orders something before Christmas – just include this greeting item into customer’s order, he or she would be definitely cheered up.

If you stick to these recommendations, your website audience will definitely replenish. Enabling these awesome features will deliver fun, amusement and little magic to your website’s visitors. 

If you don’t know how to enable them or simply have no time, then Ukietech proficient team is always here to help you! Just let us know!

So why not to try? What do you think? What way your company decorates website?

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