7 Key Elements of Corporate Identity


Each individual has own manner of speaking, own gestures, own ability to emphasize its image with appropriate clothing, hair or perfume. Some do not pay much attention to it, and it is also considered as a style.

Style is a set of certain signs that distinguish an individual from others. It is what we remember first, what attracts us, or, on the contrary, permanently deprives the desire to repeat any interaction with this person.

The same we can tell about corporate identity of a company. Corporate identity is a combination of color, graphic, verbal, typographical, plastics, acoustic, video or other techniques, which provides a single image for the company, for its face and success.

Corporate identity, carefully developed, makes the company more likely to get recognizable, perceived and remembered by customers, partners and other independent observers. And it works not only for company’s products or services, but also for all its activities, differentiating it from competitors.

Basic visual corporate identity elements include:

- Naming (exclusive company name)
- Logo
- Color palette (color)
- Corporate font
- Business card
- Letterhead
- Envelope

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1) Naming is a created name for companies, products, services, promotions and more. This procedure, quite simple at the first sight, is allocated into a separate field, as it requires not only creativity, but professional knowledge and experience in advertising as well.

Tips for naming:
- Original, so that it does not violate the trademark right, previously registered by other companies;
- Unambiguous;
- Harmonious;
- Vivid and memorable;
- Corresponding selected image.

2) Logo is a graphical original mark that presents and identifies the company or its products. Usually it consists of a text box, an image, or their combination. Properly-designed logo will always draw and hold the attention of customers, creating their positive impression and a kind of "aura" of the company. Logo represents the company image, depicted a graphical miniature, and aimed to remind consumers that your company exists and that it is just what they need.

3) Corporate color, selected by company, is a set of constant colors that are a part of corporate identity. Corporate colors’ gamma makes the elements of corporate identity more attractive, better remembered, able to make a strong emotional influence. The main objective in developing corporate colors is to pick them up in a way, so that they will cause a persistent association with company’s field or direction. When choosing colors, you need to consider the psychological and emotional impact, like sympathy and trust to organization.

4) Corporate font is a very important and specific element of corporate identity that reflects and emphasizes brand features and peculiarities. Corporate font can be one of the best elements in corporate identity. Recognition of a nicely-designed corporate font is quite big (i.e., recall the font of Walt Disney or Coca logos.

5) Business card (card) is traditional piece of contact information of a company representative. Usually it is made of heavy paper or cardboard, rarely of plastic, wood (plywood) or metal. Conventionally all cards can be divided into personal, business and corporate.

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6) Letterhead is another element of corporate identity. Letterhead is the face of the company. Every document that comes out of the company should be printed on company letterhead. That’s why it should have high-quality, real and memorable design.

7) Designed envelopes are special envelopes for corresponding, mailing flyers, transferring official information, wrapped up in envelope with corporate branding mark. Envelopes usually don’t contain many elements and their design has to be concise and rigorous. When selecting the size of the envelope one often focuses on its function.

But this is not the whole list of corporate identity elements. It can also include:
- Souvenirs
- Outdoor advertising
- Interior design
- Images on vehicles
- Folder
- Booklet
- Poster
- Flyer
- Packaging (or wrapping paper)
- Information sheet and price list
- Site in Internet
- Packs

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