Advertise Your Brand! How to Design the Remarkable Promo Website


Promotional websites can be as different and creative as your imagination can imagine.There are no limits to creating promo websites as they can include graphics, animation, 3D, videos, presentations and e-commerce.

Promo websites are designed to advertise a brand, products or services via the world wide web. Promo sites create a first impression and the branding for a company’s products or services and facilitate the users loyalty and attitude towards the brand. The main task for promo sites are to motivate the users to some sort of desired action. The design of promo website must promote the realization of this task.

Design promotional website

The main task for developing promo websites is the visual appeal and content is second.

Bright, exclusive, entertaining and remarkable. We can describe the design of promo websites with the help of these words. That’s why, while designing promo site we use a lot of graphics, bright and cool characters, animated effects, videos, Ajax technologies etc. The design must attract the customer, keep his attention and motivate him to purchase or take part in the advertised event.
All the while, it is important to keep balance between entertaining and accessibility. Even the most creative promo website must be user-friendly to it’s visitors.

Promo sites must look equally good on all common browsers. It means, that website must stretch and compress on screen with different resolutions. Thus, the web design style for promo sites requires the careful studying, and perfect possession of web development technologies and professional approach.

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Promo sites must create the right emotional mood and induce the user to purchase or to some desired action. If the promo site can cause the right emotion for the potential client, we can assume that this task is done.

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