Becoming a Great Photo Artist


Shoot, shoot and shoot again. A study on photography

Only through practice, practice and more practice will you realize tangible and significant photographic growth and results.

To be the best you can be, you should take as many pictures as you possibly can. If you are just a part-time photographer and take pictures only at friendly parties or a couple times of year you’ll never hone your craft. And, you will really have no chance to catch that once in a lifetime photo that will surprise everyone.

The only way you will get a real taste of true photography is by taking thousands of photos and finding your groove. You can’t just “click-click-click” away haphazardly, but do it with feeling, with sense of composition, while selecting an object and perceiving each shutter. 

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My recommendation is to decide which genre of photography appeals to you the most. It may be hard, but give it a try.

After all, every genre dictates its own visual and technical techniques. For example, when shooting landscapes, you will probably need a tripod and a polarizing filter. For sequential shooting, you need to squeeze the maximum from your camera. For portraits, you will need to get a flash, or better yet a couple different ones, and also you will need umbrellas, soft box, reflectors, weights for the background and other important studio devices.

I recommend you define your genre, passion and goals, and no need to rush it. Many times through practice, you will find your passion and that will define your goals. Because without goals your pictures will only reflect your restlessness and aimlessness.

Remember have fun and shoot.

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