Funny quotes about Photoshop, photos and photographers


1) Web-master fills in the blanks for them self: their height is 175, their weight is 80, and their eye color is #44AAFF.

2) Lasso is associated with cowboys.

3) You do know that any negative can always be turned into a positive with the help of  Ctrl+I. And vice versa

4) You always describe the photo’s images in pixels only.

5) In order to remove the effect of red eyes in a heartbeat, you should :

A) go to bed       

B) get some sleep

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6) The best digital shots are the Photoshopped ones

7) Yesterday, I wanted to picture a flower. But today it has wilted.

-      Maybe you can take a picture of me, just in case?

-      Let’s do it later on…

8) Why buy beautiful and expensive clothes, if you can take a picture of it right in the fitting room?

9) More terrible than a picture in your passport can be only its copy…

10)  Oh! Such beautiful photos! Apparently, you have a very expensive camera Oh! Thank you, the dinner was amazing! Apparently, you have very good pans!

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