Learn how to add texture to your background in Photoshop


To begin, let’s open up any photo of your choice with a one color background, i.e. studio photo. Open the desired texture in Photoshop to this photo. It is better to choose the texture according to the background color. If the background is dark, the texture should also be dark. Then, transform the texture according to the size of the photo (Ctrl + T), push Enter and go to the next step. 

How to add texture to background

How to add texture to background

Above the layers in the menu Overlay choose Soft Light. Then, take an Eraser with the Soft edges with the size of approximately 200 px and Opacity 100% and erase the texture from the photo. To make the photo more realistic you can leave the edges of the photo untouched. On some parts of the photo, you can change the size of the eraser if needed. Then fill in all layers: Shift + Ctrl+ E.
If you want you can add some effects to the photo.

How to add texture to background

It’s ready!

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