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Tips on how to increase conversion rate

internet marketing tipsDriving traffic to your website is of vital importance for your business and to any other business for that matter. This is nothing new. But, what if you have a lot of people visiting your site, but, you are not getting any results? Lots of people are visiting your website every day but, you are not getting any sales or lead generation is non-existent. What this means is that your website conversion is minimal.

What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the proportion of visitors who visit your website and are converted into leads or sales, and when they buy your products and/or services, sign up for your newsletter, or pick up the phone, send an email or perform some other goal of your website. Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors to your website into customers.

So today, I would like to discuss some tips that will help you to increase your conversion rate.

converting visitors into leads


How sure you are that your website is user-friendly? Is all information easy to find? The best way to get to know it is to see it by the eyes of a third party. Find a person that is not familiar with your website yet and ask her/him to find some specific information on the site, for example date of foundation or price for one time cleaning. During all the testing ask questions and try to get more information: do find it easy to surf through the site? How do you like this banner and those colors etc.
Got the useful information do not delay with fixing errors.

Get feedback

Other way to find what is wrong on the website and raise conversions is to ask for feedback from the actual visitors. Add a simple online poll to your website and ask for comments, ideas, how likely are you to recommend our products/services to your friends? How can we better? Etc. After getting feedback do not forget to analyze it and take into account :).


Adding a live chat to the website is new, trendy and effective way for making contact with your visitors and… a chance to transfer a visitor into a lead and client. As a result higher conversion rate.

Imagine that your website is a store/office that works 24/7. That is a complete true, because there are no working hours and closing hours in the Internet. Web sites are working 24/7. Even if you are sleeping someone might be visiting your website….and there will be nobody to greet them and answer their questions! O_O terrible isn`t it???? Your website is the same store/office the only difference that it is located in the Internet.

Do not forget about timeliness

Make sure all content on your website is fresh and time to date and all promotions active. Be timely in your campaigns.


Track your results and measure the effort you require for conversion versus the reward. Be creative. Test. Never stop trying something new like changing fonts or colors, adding banners, pointers, changing product images to cute children/woman/cat images etc.

Good luck. Hope it was useful. Try these tips out and do not forget to let me know about the results :).

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