Programming in Diaper


From the very first sight it seems that programming is a dark forest, where only special people can walk without shaking legs and see everything in darkness. Their exclusiveness gives them a lot of opportunities, which they can use for different purposes. These special people work in amazing offices or even at home, get a good salary and nobody can demand anything from them because nobody besides them can estimate their work.

And what is the most important – they rule our world!

Usually we imagine a programmer as a 30 years old man in a sport-casual look, with a lot of gadgets and devices around. And a cat, of course. Can you imagine a programmer to be a teenager in a school uniform with study books in his arms and puberty thoughts in his head? Not really, right? Now look!

Programming in Diaper Ukietech blog

Google has held a competition on open source software development among school students. There were 336 participants from all over the world and these kids resolved 1925 tasks which are not very easy even for adult programmers.

Winner – 13-year-old boy from Kyiv (Ukraine) won this competition and probably is going to have a huge perspective in the world biggest software players.

So that means that programming and therefore ruling the world is getting younger and younger. I hope these little geniuses will implement more of the childishly good and cute solutions and make a world better!

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