How to Modernize Your Real Estate Business


Despite being one of the largest parts of the United States economy, the real estate industry has not modernized as fast as other consumer-centric industries and there had been a noticeable gap in investment into technological innovations among the real estate companies. New venture capital firms, have begun a dedicated approach to investing in real estate technology startups that are transforming what they refer to as the "Built World". With founders bringing a depth of knowledge from both traditional real estate and innovative technology backgrounds, venture firms offer a unique value proposition to be able to invest in and advise on the innovation beginning to take place in the real estate industry.

No wonder, if the technological solutions are a high-quality products and services, they get a high acclaim and feedback, attract users and investors. For instance, a Chicago-based web development company Ukietech is proud to have delivered the TenantCloud application for the real estate market. The platform is very user-friendly and easy to use, having extensive and well-thought lines of code behind it. In simple terms, it connects three main entities: landlords, tenants and service providers. In this closed ecosystem these entities work with each other to ensure fast and smooth accomplishment of business operations. What do you need as a landlord? You need to keep track of all the tenants, keep track of finance and maintenance, and, most importantly, you might need someone to do the management for you. There you have it - as a landlord, you can assign new roles of managers to keep an eye on everything. You can create demo landing pages for your properties in order to advertise them and get all necessary reports it time, or even sign the paperwork without the actual paperwork - a few clicks are required, and that’s it! As a service provider, a good part of the operation can be transferred to TenantCloud and you can start benefiting from it right away. As a tenant - you no longer have to worry of keeping track of everything, one can find all the necessary tools within the system.

Tenant cloud is just one of many success stories in the Ukietech’s portfolio. And this is a single web development company. There are hundreds or even thousands of various solutions deployed for the industry each month. If you are a business owner or any other stakeholder, there is nothing to hesitate about - modernize your business by going digital. Ukietech provides professional advice and expertise for such cases and can help to shape the idea and draw the roadmap for implementation.