Tips on How to Make your Copy Look Aesthetically Pleasing


Copywriting tips from graphic designers

Here at Ukietech we often have professional battles because, we are very passionate about what we do. Sometimes they are low level discussions, sometimes they get more heated and passionate and sometimes it escalates to the highest court of justice which is the Bosses cabinet. 

The most knock-down-drag-out disputes, however, seem to be between designers and programmers concerning design issues like customized scrolls or Marketing Dep. VS Art Dep. regarding user-friendliness of a website.

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Nevertheless, in the end, we make our peace and take into account our counterpart’s point of view. We are all professionals in our own discipline… so why not stand our ground?

This real story, though, is about what lessons our art department has taught us, concerning…. copywriting!

Brace yourself!

Here they are….

Lesson #1 “Fonts”

copywriting tipsIt’s no secret that all designers are passionate about fonts. They collect them, they design them, they know all their names by heart and have their die hard favorite ones. Nevertheless, they seem to always fall back on using simple readable fonts like san serif for online reading. One of the most important things about reading copy is to not use too many different fonts at the same time.

It’s basically a crime in the eyes of a designer. Multiple fonts comes off messy, unfocused and disrupts the readers attention. Choose a maximum of 3 readable fonts and stick to them throughout the website.

Lesson #2 “Headings”

Designers do not like a lot of copy, but, they can tolerate headlines. Make sure your headlines are big enough to catch the readers attention and we recommend making headlines a different color to attract the eye. Make sure the colors you use are complementary and blend harmoniously with the rest of the design and color scheme.

It is hard for us, marketing professionals, to resist putting big red headlines to accompany our copy, but we know that we have to stay in check with the general design concept and vision of the website. So much so, that we really are on the same side as the designers. Readers will still notice your headline and copy, now they just won’t be distracted by an overabundance of color and distractions. A well-designed site with a harmonious use of color leaves the reader with an overall positive impression of the website.

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Lesson # 3 “Make it short”

Write your paragraphs and sentences short.
They look better.
And, they are more likely to be read.

Lesson #4 “Pictures”

Pictures, images and photos are more eye-catching than text.
Pictures attract attention more than text.
Pictures are more expressive.
Well, I have to say it, a picture says a thousand words!

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Lesson #5 “Get rid of text”

Now… I know what you are thinking, and yes, it is not a mistake. People are too lazy to read.
My recommendation is to use any visual media such as pictures, images, photos, videos, icons and any visual representation you can whenever possible.

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