What is Your Ideal Workspace?


Everyone is different and everyone has different work habits. Some people like their work environment quiet and calm while others one like it noisy with loud music. Can these different people with different habits work together in an office and everyone will be satisfied with the work atmosphere? Not everyone will be happy, however we all can adjust to make the best of the situation and acceptable for everyone. The latest research shows that your work atmosphere and especially your physical workspace really affects your productivity. 

Did you know?

Even low levels of office noise can result in diminished job satisfaction, lower commitment to the organization and poor staff well-being.

Did you know?

Accessibility to windows and an outside view can help reduce stress in the workplace.

Here at Ukietech, we have an eclectic, creative group of people with radically different habits and preferences in one office. Thus, we decided to conduct a research. We have asked our team to tell us their vision of the ideal workspace. For this we have chosen someone in marketing, a developer, a designer and a videographer. After a short conversation I have analyzed all their thoughts and here are the results.


Marketing professionals need a lot paper, especially small stickers, post-its for notes. And of course, they need colored markers to transform these notes into genius ideas. Sometimes these notes just go into garbage, but often the most successful projects begin with these small notes. After processing that notes, which don’t get thrown away, go to the charm board. The charm board is a big board where the marketing people, with the help of colored thumbtacks, place the useful and interesting ideas and contacts. This board must be somewhere near the table, in sight of marketer.

Because there are so many of these papers and stickers many marketers are afraid they will be “eaten by the paper creature”.
The calendar is a very important attribute for each marketer and usually it is very colorful with a lot of dates and deadlines. Some of them have short comments, which are usually clear just to only the marketer.

They like order in everything, especially on their desk. They don’t like to see something superfluous on their desk.
Some of them like to work in quiet and calm atmosphere and others like to work where they can be loud, talk and laugh. 

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Our videographer is very simple person. She doesn’t need a complex, grandiose environment. She just needs a comfortable chair, a big wide table with a side table with drawers to store all her video stuff. Of, course the table must have a foot stand. Can you imagine a videographer without cool headphones? Well, she has cool headphones to produce videos.

But, all this stuff is not so important, as the one reason that really helps and inspire her to work is her co-workers. So her work space must be very close to her co-workers. 

Videoeditor ideal workspaces Ukietech blog


They are not simple#--el-editor---0.7419728036038578, low-key workers. Everything they have must be very big. For example, they need two big monitors. They must sit at the big table on the big comfortable chair.

Next items in developer’s wish list are kind of funny and almost unimplemented when you work at office:
1. Don’t forget about cookies and condensed milk.
2. The ideal vision of their workspace must contain a big refrigerator, which has to be always full with lots of food.

Ideal workspaces Ukietech blog


Designers need a big desk to put there a sketch book, mega tablet and a mega monitor with a good matrix. They also say that they always have a lot of post-its with different tasks. Almost all of the post-its, there has to be a place for some hand materials, as it is very important for designers. They need to have a lot of paper to draw faster than their ideas. They also need hand drawing materials like pencils, markers and even brushes to paint.

Of, course, they need a big comfortable chair to sit in with legs to draw unforgettable images and designs.

You have to understand that keeping their desk in order is not their main priority.

Also it seems that there must be something handmade, something that is very important and even very private that will remind about close people. They are really creative people.

Ideal workspaces Ukietech blog

As you can see, everyone claims it’s own wishes to their ideal workspace. Each has it’s own ideal workspace. Add some of your personality into your workspace, the more your workspace suits your personality, the more time you will want to spend there and the more it will feel like home.

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