Fashion Photography in Social Networks

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In todays world, it is vital to develop a professional network to further your business or personal goals. Building and sustaining relationships with people has become very popular with the flourishing of social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, etc.... Social networks are a great place to meet people with similar interests especially for fashion photographers, fashion designers, makeup artists, stylists, fashion magazines, their editors and photo editors, as they are all part of the social network fabric to create awareness and demand for their work.

Fashion photography has recently become one of the most popular genres among budding photographers, however the quantity and quality of professionals in the fashion business is very small. today’s fashion runs the gamut such as elegant, couture, sophisticated, chic, urban, retro, vintage, glamour and much more. Temptation? Scandal? Provocation? Sex? Yes, this is the modern world of fashion: from and to.

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Each genre has its own mission, in fashion-photography – the goal is to work with the style, time and mood, while creating images for contemporary culture as fashion sets the tone.

Fashion-Photography is divided into two areas: gloss - glamorous shooting and shooting fashion shows - backstage footage, presentations fashion houses, clothes, and collections of famous and not-so fashion designers.

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