Tips on creating memorable portraits


It’s not an easy task to photograph an interesting and an expressive portrait. It’s not like you can line up your subjects and just shoot. There is an art and a science that a photographer must employ such as being part psychologist, part conversationalist engaging in a fun and enjoyable conversation with the goal of this conversation being that you will understand the subject’s character, personality and state of mind.

And while engaging in conversation with your subject, the photographer should choose the perfect moment for pressing the trigger and capturing the essence of your subject. This is the difference between an experienced photographer and an amateur.

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Photo Landscapes are a photographic survey of nature. Just as in a portrait and the mood portrayed in the face of the portrait, you can also see the character of nature in landscape photos. Basically, landscapes are reflected in the lightning. And even, often times, landscapes can play a secondary role. 

Nowadays, the unity of man and nature is very important. Genre shooting is the shooting of interesting and funny moments of life. It may be man or animals. The information about some life event must be in a sequential shooting. In genre shooting, the photographs should emphasize the most funny or sad stories, which can surround us. During this type of shooting, the photographs must be effective and efficient. This means that the photographer should capture, within the frame, the culmination of the event or the life scene you are shooting. To capture such a photograph you must be accurate, observant and have excellent reaction.

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