Using symbols in writing attractive content to your blog


Ruslan Voronin is a new designer in web designUkietech company Ukietech, Chicago. And today he wants to share with you his experience in using symbols.

The use of the certain and special symbols is very important in design. But many people don’t use these symbols trying to save some time.

Let’s consider what Calligraphy is when you write “display” texts using the Typography rules.

Many of us confuse symbols minus (-) and dash (—) and are too lazy to type the symbols with the keys combination Alt+0151 or the HTML code &ndash. The same situation presents itself with the use of the registered trade mark symbol (R). The correct symbol is ®. To write it, use the key combination ALT+0174 or the HTML code &reg.

Ukietech post blog about using symbols

Here is a short list below of the main symbols which are used in copy, text and design. 

§    §  paragraph 
© © copyright symbol
® ® registered trade mark symbol
™ ™ trade mark symbol
° ° degree
&#laquo;  « left quotation mark
&#raquo;  » right quotation mark
’ ’ apostrophe
“ “ quote
”  ” back quote
&#minus;  - minus
±   ± plus-minus
— — dash

For a full list of the design symbols click here

It is also better not to use the programming quotation marks "example", but to use the special symbols for text “example”.

These are some good design rules that we recommend in writing good calligraphic texts according to the Typography rules.

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