What colors mean


...and how they influence our perception

Did you know that our emotions are strongly connected with color? And, it is no more evident or expressed more vividly than in art. Colors evoke emotions in us and can even influence the way we feel, so let’s take a look at some colors and what they mean.

colors in graphic design

The color of red is often associated with passion, fire, heat, sun, the color of our blood, and thus the color of life. On the other hand, color is often associated with danger. 

Orange, which actually takes its name from the fruit, is often associated with the season of autumn, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Orange is also the color of the sun which many believe brings success and luck. 

Yellow is commonly associated with gold, lemons, sunshine and divinity. Pure yellow is the color of truth, reason and optimism. 

The color green is most associated with life, nature, and immortality. Green is also the color of emeralds, jade and growing grass. Green is very popular among environmental and eco-friendly causes. And don’t forget, green is the color of money. 

Blue is universally known vividly as the color of the sky and water. Blue also emotes communication and emotion. Blue is the color of eternity, stability, and truth. When you think of winter and cold many think of the color blue. 

Purple (Violet) is a color of royalty and nobility and yes Mardi Gras. Purple is also the color of philosophers, poets and the knowledge of the truth and beauty.

White is a symbol of purity, innocence and tenderness. White also is the color of snow, clouds, milk, cotton and angels. 

Black is the color many associate with death, mourning and sadness or solemnity and rigor. Black is the color of coal, and is commonly associated with the night sky, power, mystery and magic.

It doesn’t matter which color is your favorite. What matters is that colors help to show and express your feelings and emotions. And utilizing various colors in your art is one of the best ways to do it.

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