Transforming the Industry of Heavy Machinery


Business owners are used to slow operations, as it takes a while for one of the production items to be built. Nonetheless, there is a tendency towards agility and efficiency in business and the heavy machinery industry is no exception. The leaders of the competition on the market are the ones who are able to adapt to the changes.

The main change across all the industries is dictated by the expansion of technology and its influence on business. So now even small business owners are trying to have at least a promotional website for their products and services. Considering all the benefits of going digital, the new place for competition and attraction of both clients and investors, there is no way a caring business owner wouldn’t do that.

There are two main directions for modernizing the business of heavy machinery:

  1. - ERP and CRM systems, which is a backbone of the company and has to help with the resource and customer management as soon as the company scales into a middle-sized one. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, these two are very much self-explanatory.
  2. - Digital marketplaces and promotional websites.

Ukietech, a Chicago-based web development company can show off a few outstanding examples of helping the heavy machinery businesses to be more agile and to increase the online presence. It mainly has to do with the second scenario of the above mentioned directions. First one, Kitamura machinery, was created to give an overview of the services provided by Kitamura company. This is how the company with a long-lasting history is presented online, the project was successfully delivered back in 2012 and keeps attracting new leads for the company till this day. The work is still in progress, because as we know, the main thing is to never stop and keep improving. Another vivid example is a Ballco website - a heavy machinery manufacturer, where the task was very simple and clear - present company online in a reputable manner, create dashboard to manage content across the website, increase leads conversion by means of addressing prospect clients to the contact form. User-friendly design and intuitive layout ensure the appealing power of the website.

These are only few examples of how Ukietech is ready to help businesses to go digital, even in the “bulky” industries, like heavy machinery, or logistics, or real estate. Do not hesitate to address the professionals to modernize your business and get on the top of the food chain!