Tips on Becoming a Social Butterfly


It’s a fact that having a web site and a web presence is a necessity for any business to be successful in today’s world. Today’s consumer is much more informed and educated than10 years ago. Whether the consumer is buying a product or service, they are doing their due diligence and research online, before buying. Consumers will search online regarding your company, product or service and even look at what others are saying about you via social media. This is why your social media presence is vital to you success in the marketplace. 

Here are a few simple rules that can help you:
Make a social media plan

The first one and the most important - make a social media plan for where and when you will deploy communications via various social media channels. You can start out by making a media plan for a week, a month or a year. It just depend on how you manage your business. As for me, it is better to create such plan every one or two weeks. Your plan should answer such questions as: what, where and when to post. You have to include in this plan all your communications (articles, notes, pictures, cards, photos, presentations and videos); all social media channels which you will use to communicate and then determine where and when.

Be surgical and focused, and don’t spam

It means that you should post your notes, messages, photos, videos often, but do not spam your audience. It depends on your strategy and social media. For example you can post 4-5 short announcements to Twitter, but it may be too much for Facebook. Start out slow and test the waters, your audience will tell you if you are doing right by their responses.

Social media communication

Be original and informative

Your communications not only need to be attractive, but informative too. They have to contain a call to action. Your potential clients must want to click at your communications and know that they will find out something interesting and useful.

Be personal!

Try to communicate with audience not thorough the fan page or business page, but also through personal channels and accounts. Use your own pictures. Post your own pictures and videos. People like to talk with people they know.Be a good speaker, get the word out

Be a good speaker, get the word out!

This means that you should take part in different communities. Post your comments to different communities and conversations. You should show the audience that you are open to communicate with them. With the help of these conversations you can also show people how professional you are.

Use these rules for social media will help you get the word out about you and your business. But remember, always be yourself!

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