Photoshop Tips on Retouching Your Photos!

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Make the ideal virtual make-up

Open an image in Adobe Photoshop. Before you begin, make sure that your program has installed brushes for virtual makeup (eye shadows, eyeliner, eyelashes, etc.) If not, you will find them in large numbers on the Internet.

First, you need to hide skin defects. Such as redness, pimples, and any greasy shine on the skin. Then you can add eye shadow. Create a new layer and select the color of the brush (blue, gray, violet, etc.) that suits you best.

Once the eye shadow is added, now, you can use the eyeliner. Create a new layer, select the shape of the brush and set the black color. All the following steps are similar to the previous one: adjust the brush size, put on eyeliner and align with the help of the tool "Free Transform".

Finally - add eyelashes. You can select any form depending on how spectacular and visible you want them to be.

Every action should be performed with a new layer. Layers should be created, but not duplicated. This allows you to correct easily the form of elements using the tool "Eraser". And, by changing the blend mode, you can get different effects for different parts of the make-up. And by changing the opacity of the layer you can reduce the effect of your operations.

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