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Chicago creative designMany companies are joining the social network wave with corporate webpages to promote and market their business in the World of Social Networks. Now, imagine that there are actually thousands or millions webpages such as yours... You have to be different and unique and while being yourself, of course.

I'm going to give you some simple ways to personalize your personal or corporate pages in a few of the most popular social networks.


Simplicity and basic design makes Twitter one of the most popular social network tools on the Internet. Many Twitter pages, even the corporate ones, have standard/default template backgrounds because their owners still don't know about the great ways to personalize and customize their Twitter pages and backgrounds.

Create your own Twitter background

Upload your own photo or picture as a background for your page. The most popular graphic design programs used to create such customized backgrounds are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp or Corel Draw. The choice is yours. The aim is to create your own, unique, really cool Twitter background theme!

However, pay attention to several limitations for Twitter’s image. Your customized background should match the following requirements:
- Maximum image resolution is 2048x1707 pixels
- Image size must be under 800k
- Only GIF, JPG or PNG formats are allowed

Chicago branding

In September 2012 Twitter has developed another way to personalize your profile by adding headers.
The header is displayed at the top of your profile page and shows your Twitter-name with a short description. This header can become a good complement for the background!

Requirements for graphic header files are:
- Maximum image resolution is 1200x600 pixels
- Image size must be under 5Mb

There are many tutorial and free templates on the Internet that help you design an interesting background or header by yourself, however, if this is not your cup of tea we recommend having a professional designer do it for you like Ukietech!

This option can add a value and convey strong branding to the aesthetic look of your corporate Twitter page. And you will get a professional, high-quality design for your profile, like here ;).

Wordpress customized template

The same works for your blog, built on Wordpress, for example. You just select your favorite pattern and you can change with the help of Wordpress dashboard your background, titles, fonts, colors, placement of blocks – everything can be adjusted and customized for your needs. Again, the goal is to create a branded, unique blog design so your corporate Wordpress page looks professional and inviting.

Wordpress design template

Facebook page

That's already an old topic :). This may be already an old topic :). Facebook is the most popular social network on the planet. And more and more tech-savvy businesses and companies have switched to a timeline look and designed a big customized cover page while a small avatar completes this general image.

To create a professional and and original Facebook cover picture and avatar, remember the following requirements:

- Cover photo has a resolution of 851x315 pixels. Facebook does not allow you to put your website or company name on the cover photo. The list of all rules is easy searchable
- Avatar should be 200x200 pixels (remember to allow a 6-pixel-boarder from each side)
- Avatar is placed 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top

Have a look at our own example of Facebook corporate page.

Chicago web design

Follow your own unique style and be unique!

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